Join internationally acclaimed New York Times bestselling author and lecturer Marianne Williamson for her Online Course title THE LAW OF DIVINE COMPENSATION.

During Marianne’s five part Course, she presents a spiritual path melding your soul’s path and career path in a meaningful way. For 90 minutes in each session, Marianne will guide you through a systematic approach to transforming your relationship to work, money and miracles.

This Newly Released Digital Version is a recorded course that you can do at your own pace and start right away.







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In February 2010, I held a seminar called SISTER GIANT: Rousing the Sleeping Giant of American Womanhood. During that weekend, five hundred women gathered to watch three films, then learn from scholarly experts about the subjects they covered.

The first was “The Burning Times,” made by the Canadian Film Board as part of their “Women and Spirituality” series. The film is the story of the hundreds of thousands of women in the Middle Ages who were burned as witches during the Inquisition.



The Democratic Party Needs Its Soul Back

Republicans seem to have convinced the average American that what is good for billionaires, oil and gas companies, pharmaceutical companies, health insurance companies, banks, chemical companies and defense contractors is good for them. With this midterm election, we gave the country over lock, stock and barrel to our new corporate overlords. We watched this disaster …

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When Wisdom Is The Source Of Our Power

I heard ISIL described earlier today as “an international association of sadists.” Whether one chooses to go that far or not, we clearly have a problem on our hands. America is endangered, however, not just because there is a powerful, armed enemy arrayed against us; we are endangered also because our spiritual defenses are weak. …

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